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Clear Bra

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About Clear Bra

 Clear Bra is a chemical based protective coat that lays over your vehicles paint. Providing protection against common erosive materials such as:

  • Dirt
  • Asphalt
  • Hail
  • Acidic Rain
  • Fresh Road Paint
  • Road Debris
  • Pelted Salt
  • Wind Blown Sand
  • Flying Rocks
  • Insects

FAQ's about Clear Bra

1. Why is a Clear Bra better than other car bras or no protection?

 - Clear Bra Paint protection can not only increases the value of your vehicle. But when it comes to oncoming  rocks, insects, and road debris, the amount of time it takes to show wear and tear on your paint, can significantly be reduced without proper protection. During the harsh weather seasons such as winter and spring;  sand, salt, and other materials that may be used to melt the snow or ice on the roads may cause erosion and discoloration of your paint. These factors can not only significantly reduce the value of your car, but may also permanently damage the appearance of your vehicle. With Clear Bra, your worries of losing that pristine shine to your vehicle can fade away.

2. I've never heard of it, so where did it come from?

 - During Operation Desert Storm. Many of the Jets and Helicopters experienced damage from the desert stand. By contacting , they asked for a solution to their imminent problems. Thus, Clear Bra produced the vinyl solution for a needed paint protectant.

3. Can the film be removed if needed?  

 - Yes, Clear Bra can be removed if damaged in any way. After several years of having a clear bra applied to your vehicle, natural wear and tear may start to show. See your clear bra installer for re-installation. 

Installing a Clear Bra by yourself will not be warrantied under Terms and Conditions, as it is not PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED.

We offer 12"- 18" and 24" Packages. All Clear Bra's are installed by a certified installer. 

Standard Package
18" Hood

Deluxe Package 
18" Hood
A Pillars
4 Door Handles

Premium Package
18" Hood
A Pillars
4 Door Handles
4 Door Edge Guards
Front Bumper

Rocker Panels                       
Roof above windshield   
Rear Bumper 
Fog Lights
Wheel Flares