Professional interior detailing is as vital to your cars’ interior as it is to its’ exterior. Many of the same contaminants that attack your vehicle’s exterior surfaces (i.e. dirt, grime, road salt, etc.) will stain and, if left unattended, can destroy almost any interior surface. Superior Auto Image’s interior detailing service is designed to clean, sanitize and protect the entire inside of your vehicle. We pay particular attention to these areas:

  • Carpets and floor mats are cleaned and stains are removed with a hot-water extractor specifically designed for automotive purposes
  • Upholstered seats are vacuumed and any stains are removed
  • All upholstered surfaces are treated with a fabric protectant that will not stain or discolor
  • Dashboard, console and door panel surfaces are cleaned and dressed with a UV protectant
  • Navigation and media screens are cleaned with non-abrasive products that are designed specifically for these surfaces
  • Air vents, instrument clusters, shifter housing, cup holders and your steering wheel are cleaned and have surface appropriate dressings applied
  • All glass surfaces are cleaned with an ammonia free product that is safe for tinted glass and will leave a streak free finish

Everything inside of you vehicle is left with a clean fresh look. Superior Auto Image proudly provides Interior Detailing Denver and the Front Range. Give us a call today!

interior detailing denver before
interior detailing denver after
interior detailing denver before
interior detailing denver after
interior detaining denver beforeinterior detaining denver after


  1. Maximize the resale value of your car
  2. Improve the visibility & safety of your vehicle
  3. Increase the joy of owning your vehicle
  4. Protects your vehicle from the elements
  5. Paint will look extremely glossy & mirror like
  6. Leather will feel more plush & comfortable
  7. Significantly easier to keep the vehicle clean
  8. Interiors will have less smells and odors
  9. Prevents trim from fading or cracking
  10. Impress those who ride in your car or see it
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