Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage Repair Denver

Denver Auto Hail Repair

Hail is one of the most damaging forms of weather here in Colorado. Luckily, Superior Auto Image specializes in hail damage repair and paintless dent repair.

Why Choose Superior Auto Image?

  • We have trained specialists that can handle different aspects of hail damage (as listed below) to make your car look as good as new!

  • Superior Auto Image works with all insurance companies. Did you know that hail damage is no fault for insurance purposes? If your car has hail damage, your insurance company will not raise your rates.

  • We offer a free car wash and vacuum with your repair.

  • There is a lifetime warranty on repairs.

  • Our certified specialists will return your car to an almost-new look (damage dependent) using a variety of advanced techniques – and they will do it faster than most other body shops.

Repair Hail Damage

  • Hail can be very damaging to your car – but we can fix it. Here are some examples of the kinds of hail damage that we can fix.

  • For hail dents in your car, we offer paintless hail dent removal. This procedure repairs dents in the car without affecting its paint job. It is a precise procedure, but does not take as long as more intensive body repairs and is a job easily handled by our highly trained, certified experts.

  • Broken windshields? Our technicians can deal with those, too. We provide not only automotive glass repair, but also auto glass replacement.

  • Damaged headlights? We can repair most scratches, restoring your headlights to a like-new condition!

Hail Damage Repair Denver

Hail Dent Removal

  • Our auto hail damage repair service is dedicated to working on hail damaged vehicles to achieve the best results in removing hail dents.

  • Our car hail damage repair is an environmentally safe process, paintless hail dent removal, to efficiently remove hail-caused dents and dings.

  • Our trained professionals will make it look as though your car never had any dents. For more detailed information about this procedure, please visit our paintless dent repair page, and feel free to call us at 303‑669‑1139 to schedule an appointment.

Hail Windshield Damage

  • Hail can cause serious windshield damage. Even if you only see a chip in your windshield, this can spread out to form larger cracks, making the windshield potentially dangerous for you and your passengers and necessitating the replacement of the entire windshield.

  • In many cases, small chips can be repaired with no need to replace the entire glass. Our technicians will not only prevent spread of the chip into a crack, but will also make this mild damage less visible.

  • We guarantee that the damage will not spread further along your windshield.

  • If you have more extreme damage, our experts can replace your windshield. While insurance companies prefer windshield glass repairs to replacements, as mentioned above, hail is considered no fault, so your rates will not go up.

  • Call 303‑669‑1139 to speak to one of our certified technicians and schedule an appointment.

Hail-Related Headlight Damage

We also offer services to fix damage to your headlights.

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