Interior Car Cleaning

Interior Car Cleaning Denver - Before
Interior Car Cleaning Denver - After

Interior Car Detailing

Do you have nasty stains on your car seats? Soiled floor mats? Dirty windows? Grime or crumbs stuck in those hard-to-reach places that never get cleaned? Or perhaps you just want a thorough cleaning of your car’s interior to make it look like you’ve just bought it? Our experts can achieve all of that with our interior auto detailing service here at Superior Auto Image.

Car Detailing Services

At Superior Auto Image, we offer interior car cleaning that includes sanitizing, cleaning, and protecting all the surfaces inside your car.

Here are examples of the services we offer:

  • Carpets and floor mats are cleaned and stains are removed with a hot-water extractor specifically designed for cars.

  • Upholstered seats are vacuumed and shampooed; stains are removed.

  • Dashboard, console, and door panel surfaces are cleaned and dressed with a UV protectant.

  • All upholstered surfaces are treated with a fabric protectant that will not stain or discolor.

  • Navigation and media screens are cleaned with non-abrasive products designed for digital surfaces.

  • Air vents, instrument clusters, shifter housing, cup holders, and steering wheel are thoroughly cleaned and have surface-appropriate dressings applied.

  • Hard-to-reach places (for example, under the seats, vents, and crevices) are thoroughly cleaned.

  • All glass surfaces are cleaned with an ammonia-free product that is safe for tinted glass, leaving a streak-free finish.

  • Trunk cleaning, including washing leather/cloth surfaces.

We will give everything inside your vehicle a clean, fresh look.

Why You Should Get an Interior Car Wash

  • Increase your car’s value

  • Improve visibility and safety

  • Protect your vehicle’s interior from the elements

  • Leather will feel more plush and comfortable, and cloth will feel cleaner and newer

  • Remove bad smells from your car’s interior

  • Prevent fading or cracking

  • Impress friends and family

  • Your vehicle will look and feel as good as new

Interior Car Detailing Denver - Before
Interior Car Detailing Denver - After

Best Quality Car Wash and Detail

  • Our expert technicians will take excellent care of your car, relying on their precision, skills, and attention to detail to provide your car with the best detailing job.

  • Rather than having multitudes of different people hurrying your vehicle through the detailing, your car will receive personalized attention from one or two experts, who will go over each detail to make sure nothing is missed.

  • Our car specialists use special tools and employ the most effective methods for cleaning your car and protecting it from future damage. We are very quality-oriented and ensure that all of our customers are satisfied.

  • We are a local Colorado corporation, and we always have the best interests of our clients in mind.

  • Call us at 303‑669‑1139 for the best car wash service in Denver.

Superior Auto Image proudly provides interior car cleaning in Denver and the Front Range. If you want the inside of your vehicle to look, feel, and smell new and fresh, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call today at 303‑669‑1139 to set up your appointment.

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